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Gravity Fitness Medium Pro Hybrid Parallettes

        • Fully redesigned for 2023
        • Hybrid steel and wood parallettes
        • Optimal size for all calisthenics movements
        • New design for improved strength and stability
        • 40mm wooden handles for wrist comfort
        • Steel feet welded to steel uprights
        • Matte black powder coating and black screws
        • Treated wood handle with lasered logo
        • Dimensions: L50cm x W40cm x H30cm (500mm x 400mm x 300mm)
        • Total weight 5.7kg

      PLUS! Every order includes our Parallette Training Guide (From Beginner To Pro)

  • We’ve completely redesigned our medium parallettes. The all-new version doesn’t just look incredible, it’s a next-level bit of kit.

    The Gravity Fitness Medium Parallettes are a direct result of your feedback. You asked for longer, wider parallettes and a sturdier design.

    The result is new medium parallettes – larger, longer, and suitable for even more calisthenics and bodyweight exercises.

    If you only buy one pair of parallettes, make it these. They’re big enough for any exercise and light enough to take to the gym. At 50x40x30cm, they’re ideal for calisthenics training, gymnastics, CrossFit movements, street workout and bodyweight functional fitness.

    We completely transformed the previous design to make this new version stronger, and more robust. The steel feet are welded to the steel uprights at a 90* angle to eliminate movement so you can focus on your workout.

    Why wooden handles? Wood absorbs sweat for a better grip with less chalk. And it’s better for your hands and wrists than steel. Wood stays a stable temperature, too, when the weather tries to put you off.

    Parallettes build amazing upper body strength and promote shoulder health (especially the rotator cuff, which can be difficult to train). The Gravity Fitness Medium Parallettes are perfect for handstands, front levers, back levers, push ups, planche, L-sits and so much more.

     Gravity Fitness is the leading provider of calisthenics equipment, training content, and inspiration. We’ve sold more than 100,000 pairs of parallettes since 2016. Take your training to the next level with our latest design.

    FREE EBOOK: Your order includes a copy of our Parallette Training Guide (From Beginner To Pro) ebook.


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    • What size are the Gravity Fitness Medium Parallettes? 

      Our medium parallettes are longer and wider than the previous design, at 50cm x 40cm x 30cm and weighing just 5.7kg.


      What exercises can you do on medium parallettes?

       We’ve made our medium parallettes longer, which means you can do even more exercises on them. They’re perfect for calisthenics, and ideal for bodyweight training, functional fitness, gymnastics and street workout. We’ll send you a copy of our Parallette Training Guide (From Beginner To Pro) with your order.


      Are these parallettes properly welded?

      Yes, in this new design the steel feet are fully welded to the steel uprights at a perfect 90* angle.


      Are wooden handles better than steel?

      Our new parallettes have wooden handles for your comfort – wood absorbs impact, which protects your wrists, and it doesn’t get too cold even in winter.


      Is the wood weather-proof?

      The wooden handles are treated so your parallettes will withstand reasonable amounts of moisture (but don’t leave them out in the rain).


      Do you offer a guarantee on these parallettes?

      Yes, please refer to our warranty page for full information about our warranties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
Nicole Radeva
The best parallets for victorian

I'm really happy to be part of Gravity.fitness fam ! Medium pro parallets are really stable, with perfect high for vsit and Victorian. I'm simply obsessed with them ,they're not heavy at all and are great for dragon variations as well. Great job, fam!!!

Romeo Gallego
Paralelas medianas

Las paralelas medianas me vinieron dañadas y pasasteis de mi cara

Great parallettes; the wood is a really nice touch, literally!

Really easy to put together, nicely engineered and very stable. The diameter feels good, and the wood is comfortable even in my cold February gymservatory. A simple push-up feels great, as you can go below floor level. Look forward to continuing my callisthenics journey with them, and my other great products from Gravity...


Gravity Fitness Medium Pro Hybrid Parallettes

Mario S.

Very good material, met all my expectations