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Gravity Fitness Long Hybrid Parallettes

        • Brand new for 2023
        • Inspired by official gymnastics parallettes
        • Hybrid wood and steel construction
        • Rare long design of parallettes
        • Wooden handles for wrist comfort
        • Steel feet welded to steel uprights
        • All-black powder coating and matching screws
        • Finished wooden handle features lasered logo
        • Dimensions: L70cm x W22cm x H12.5cm (700mm x 220mm x 125mm)
        • Total weight 4kg

      BONUS! Includes a free copy of our Parallette Training Guide (From Beginner To Pro) ebook.

    • Brand-new for 2023!

      It’s rare to find long, low parallettes like these. We took our inspiration from official gymnastics parallettes to bring you rock-solid low parallettes that are a massive 70cm long - ideal for handstand variations.

      We’ve sold 100,000 pairs of parallettes since 2016, and in 2023 we completely redesigned the range in response to your feedback. You asked for different sizes, more options, and stronger sturdier designs. 

      The Gravity Fitness Low Parallettes have been completely redesigned from the ground up. These are no ordinary parallettes. The unusual dimensions are tailormade for handstand work, planche, and front lever. And the sturdy design gives you a solid base for every workout.

      We’ve taken a lot of care over the design and construction of these low parallettes. They’re made from steel and wood, with slip-proof rubber feet and a matte black powder coating. The feet are welded to the uprights at a perfect 90* angle for ultimate stability.

      With handles this long, the material has to be right. Our new parallettes have wooden handles to reduce the pressure through your hands and wrists, so you can train for longer in comfort.

      These 70cm long low parallettes are perfect for calisthenics, bodyweight training, street workout and fictional strength work. They’re best for handstands and handstand variations, L-sits, planche and front/back lever work. We’ll send you a copy of our popular Parallette Training Guide (From Beginner To Pro) ebook for more ideas.

      Gravity Fitness are leaders in calisthenics and bodyweight training equipment. Get your parallettes from the calisthenics experts.

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    • How long are these low parallettes?

       They’re 70cm long, making them a rare find and a special addition to your training collection.


      What can I use low parallettes for?

       These parallettes are inspired by the classic gymnastics parallettes. They’re ideal for handstands and handstand variations. You can also do L-sits, planche, front lever and back lever, and even human flag if that’s what you’re working on.


      Are these parallettes portable?

       Yes, although these parallettes are long they only weigh 4kg.


      Is the steel welded?

      We’ve welded the steel feet to the steel uprights so these parallettes are solid with no rocking or wobbling.


      Why wooden handles not steel?

      Wood absorbs impact, making healthier for your hands and wrists.


      Do you offer a guarantee or warranty?

      Yes, please refer to our warranty page for full information.

Customer Reviews

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Nasser Binamro
Gravity Fitness Long Hybrid Parallettes

Its from the best long Parallettes I used and the grip of the bar is very amazing and the quality is perfect

john gilman
awesome paralletes

super high quality- feel great, work great!



Go to next level

Anyone who wants to improve his performance in skills should use Gravity Fitness

Very stable

I used these paralletes at my friends house and they are very stable. It is perfect for practising handstands and one arm movements. Really recommend.