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Gravity Fitness "Warrior Grip" Trainers 50LB - 350LB

    • Take your grip strength to new levels with Gravity Fitness Warrior Grips
    • Progressively add grip strength by increasing the poundage
    • Range from an easily achievable 50LB to the impossible 350LB!
    • £100 Gravity Fitness Gift Voucher if you can complete the full set! **
    • True to Gravity Style these are bulletproof, designed to survive an apocalypse 
    • Back by our lifetime warranty, if they ever break we replace them!

             ** All 7 pairs must be purchased and the challenge is that you can                            squeeze each pair together, one at a time, and the 2 handles need to                  touch in the middle for each set. Video footage is required for all 7 sizes

  • Often neglected, optimising your grip strength can take your fitness regimen to a whole other level!

    The bulletproof Gravity Fitness Warrior Grips are designed to do just that. Ergonomically sleek design fused with robust build-quality will make this versatile piece of the equipment your go-to secret weapon to smash PBs out of the water.

    Taking minimal space to store and transport, the fundamentals of this straightforward addition to your arsenal is simple, squeeze as hard as you can!

    A diverse range of resistance, from the beginner’s level 50lb, right the way up to the colossal hall-of-famer 350lb beast, allows you to progressively increase the poundage as you take your grip strength to new heights.

     The slick silver design is manufactured to withstand knocks and scrapes and features a scored diamond-textured handle construction to discourage slipping through even the sweatiest of workouts. Gravity’s brutally efficient construction allows for a full range of motion whilst fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand.

    True to Gravity form, our grip strength trainers are designed to survive the apocalypse and are backed by the Gravity lifetime warranty.

    From Calisthenic Athletes to Powerlifters to pianists, there’s monumental benefits to improving your grip strength throughout a surprising scope of applications. The Gravity Fitness Warrior Grip is about to become the can’t-live-without bit of kit you never knew you needed!

    *Please refer to our warranty page

  • No quibble returns policy
    If you are not 100% satisfied


    Delivery – *Dispatched same day if ordered by 3pm
    Mainland Europe – 1-3 days
    Non-Mainland Europe – 4-7 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Good quality - pleasure to use

Have the 50lb, 100lb and 150lb grips, and they're a great little product. Good quality and feel - I keep them on my desk and regularly find myself picking them up at odd moments during the day. More expensive than the cheap plastic with a spring grip devices you can buy, but well worth it as the feel is so much better and they're a pleasure to use.

Andrew Mann


Great product

A valuable piece of equipment. I use the Warrior Grip everyday. Good quality and lasting power. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

Nelson Jeremias
Warrior Grip Trainer

Different colours make it easier to know the difference in weight when using the grippers. Great quality.

Tom Minns
Warrior grip trainers

Fantastic grip trainers, using them during almost all workouts in between sets, they seem incredibly durable and look great.