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Gravity Fitness 2 in 1 Squat ramps

    • Supplied as a pack of four with variable heights
    • Can be split and stacked to increase incline and support
    • Large platform to fit the full foot and cater for varying widths and squat stances
    • Perfect your squatting form, increase mobility, and execute a greater range of movement
    • Increase load while easing pressure on the joints
    • Rugged and durable solid rubberised construction for unrivalled grip
    • Perfect for knees over toes and ATG training
    • Especially advantageous for those with limited ankle mobility
    • Suitable for home and commercial use
  • Improper form sabotaging your ass-to-grass efforts in the squat rack? Gravity Fitness has the perfect solution to pack size on your thighs safely and effectively with the Gravity Fitness Squat Ramps.

    Squatting is king of the compound movements and an essential movement for anyone who doesn’t want to look like they skipped leg day. Sometimes, bad posture or niggly knees can hinder your progress, or even worse cause injury that keeps you out of the gym altogether. Step forth Gravity Squat Ramps, the simple but extremely advantageous answer to address your squatting form, increase mobility and allow you to execute a greater range of movement.

    Supplied in a pack of four in variable stackable heights, the large platform design of the Gravity Squat Ramp fits the full foot and allows for numerous stances to target different areas of the lower body. The incline platform provides a safe and balanced means to increase load while easing pressure on the joints and is especially beneficial for those with limited ankle mobility.

    Perfect for ATG and knees over toes training, bulletproof your body from injury with this fully adjustable squat support system that can also be utilised for calf raises and heel lift movements.

    Robust solid rubberised construction for hard-wearing longevity to outlast the toughest leg workouts.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ramp up your squats

Nice bit of kit, helpful that they are separate so you can set the ramps according to your morphology. Different levels of depth, a must for pistol squats and overhead squats

Best ramps on the market

And I’ve tried a few!
These are solid, heavy weight and will last a lifetime.
You effectively get three different gradients as you can adjust the height using the four supplied pieces.

Great buy

Having suffered a broken ankle many years ago I was struggling to perform squats properly but these have allowed me to maintain form and reduce pain afterwards. Very good quality and helpful that they can be combined to create a different position.

Naomi Melindy

I love these and has them a while now!

I initially used them as I was struggling with some ankle pain during squats but have used them ever since and I find my form / comfort / movement and ability to lift HEAVIER amongst the other benefits.

When other gym members have asked to try them out if curiosity they have always been surprised and interested and nice sent them here :)

Full 10/10 from me don’t miss out !!

Rieon Anderson
Perfect :)

0 complaints, actually didn’t know 1 pair came with 2 pairs if that makes sense. Good little prop to use for more than just squats.