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Gravity Fitness Steel Indian Clubs, Clubbells 2kg - 20kg

    • Train like a warrior with the ancient Indian club, originally used as a weapon and later for an Olympic sport
    • Broad range of weights to suit all levels of ability: 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, and 20kg
    • Unconventional training with clubbells develops insane levels of functional strength and mobility
    • Work your shoulders, core, grip-strength, and build full body coordination
    • Great for prehab and rehab work
    • Solid steel with matt black powder coating, built to survive the apocalypse!
    • Backed by the bulletproof Gravity Fitness Lifetime Warranty


  • No one does unconventional training equipment quite like Gravity, if we do say so ourselves. Our latest addition to the weird and wonderful world of underutilised but utterly badass fitness gear is the Gravity Fitness Indian Clubs AKA Clubbells.

     Introduced to the UK in the 19th century, the ancient Indian club was originally used as a weapon and later transcended to being used as an Olympic sport.

     The unique functional club design is a fantastic whole-body workout that provides unparalleled levels of adaptability. Adjust intensity easily by simply altering the position of your grip.

     Train like a warrior and develop the functional strength and mobility of our ancestors. Fantastic full-body scorcher that’s especially effective for shoulders, core, grip-strength and overall coordination. A great solution for prehab and rehab too.

     The rugged solid steel construction is black powder coated and designed to survive the apocalypse. We’re so confident of its robustness that it boasts the Gravity Fitness Lifetime Warranty.

     Available in a broad range of weight increments to suit any level and ability: 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, and 20kg.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Nige Thomas
Excellent tool

Excellent tool for a functional workout.

Matt Ramezani
20kg club

Great club , please make me a 24kg club


Good products. Good service. Will be buying more.

15kg - inadequate shipping, decent product

The 15kg club was shipped (from Poland) in a single layered box, without any additional kind of padding. The cardboard was ripped in various places, it was a miracle the club was still inside.
The coating had a few blemishes, some probably from shipping (bottom and pommel), but also a sort of denting/chipping on the handle that may have happened before. I will have to sand that one down a bit since it has a sharp edge.
Otherwise, I haven't really used the club yet, so I can't say much about durability of the coating. The dimensions are better than a short and thick 12kg club I have (from another brand). It's ~65cm long with a handle diameter of ~4cm.
I'm not sure I'll risk buying the 20kg in the future, given this experience.

6kg and 8kg Clubbells

Very nicely made and finished. The weight is well balanced and they stand on their ends for storage. I got a 6kg after initially getting the 8kg as they feel extremely heavy for the weight. Only reason I've scored 4 stars is because I'd like the 6kg to have a thicker handle like the 8kg. I have rectified this with some handlebar tape to thicken it up a bit. Service and delivery was excellent.